Mary Coe, PT

Mary Coe

Mary Coe

Director of Physical Therapy




Ithaca College 1991 – B.S. in Physical Therapy


Orthopedics & post surgical conditions, NonSurgical Decompression Expert. Specially trained to treat TMJ (Temperomandibular Joint Disorders), Graston Technique trained.

Special Interest

Women’s Wellness Programs, Decompression Traction Specialist, Compression Neuropathies, Vertigo/Balance Disorders.


Swimming, travel and beaching

What our clients had to say about Mary

“Mary Coe is the only therapist for me. She has helped me many times before with her skills. I know coming here I will always be helped.”

“I LOVE Mary! She doesn’t just treat my physical pain, she treats my whole person. Even the emotions that go with chronic pain.”

“Mary Coe is highly competent, empathetic, professional and patient cure/resolution oriented. Her excellent therapy plan and performance has reduced the vast majority of the problem…my quality of life issues have improved significantly, thanks to Mrs. Coe.”

“…I had a very bad case of vertigo. She was a lifesaver. It took a few sessions—that I never thought I would get through it, but finally we did. Then I had to go back for PT for disc problems and helped me tremendously. I definitely would recommend her to everyone.”