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What is it? Shoulder tendinitis is a common overuse injury in sports (such as swimming, baseball and tennis) where the arm is used in an overhead motion. The pain – usually felt at the tip of the shoulder and referred or radiated down the arm – occurs when the arm is lifted overhead or twisted. In extreme cases, pain will be present all of the time and it may even wake you from a deep sleep.

Common Myths

The issue we find with cortisone injections is that people get a false sense that they are healing because they are not experiencing the pain they once did. Some individuals even engage in activities they should not be doing because they “no longer feel pain”. Merely masking the pain is not a solution; it is just a temporary fix. Cortisone does not provide a permanent contribution to any stage of healing.

It is a myth that tendonitis injury heals completely back to 100% if you just give it time and rest. Tendonitis is really a process that is either going in a Downward Spiral or an Upward Spiral.

United States Food and Drug Administration has issued a special warning for all fluoroquinolones, including Cipro (ciprofloxacin), as these medications have an increased risk for tendonitis and tendon ruptures. If you are taking Cipro and experience tendon problems, such as difficulty walking, tendon pain, or weakness, contact your healthcare provider right away.

As per statistics, 6 out of 10 causes of shoulder pain are linked with supraspinatus tendonitis.

According to the survey, statistics show that while women only incurred only 33% of the total number of injuries at work, they incurred 65% of the tendonitis injuries and 61% of the repetitive motion injuries.

People at risk include carpenters, painters, welders, swimmers, tennis players and baseball players. The average patient is a male laborer older than 40, and the shoulder pain is on the same side as his dominant hand (for example, right shoulder pain in a right-handed person).

Volleyball players are particularly prone to shoulder tendonitis, inflammation of the tendons that support the shoulder.

If you have tendonitis, it’s very important to heal it quickly and completely. If you don’t, it may plague you forever.

Initial recovery is typically within 2 to 3 days and full recovery is within 4 to 6 week.

Dos & Don'ts

Rest your shoulder initially, avoiding any movements that cause you pain. Start to do gentle movements as soon as possible to prevent any stiffness in your shoulder. Don’t push through pain. Only use your arm in ways that do not cause more pain. Do not attempt to strengthen the shoulder with push-ups. This has not been found to make a difference and may worsen the pain.

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