Impingement Syndrome

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What is it? Impingement Syndrome, which is sometimes called Swimmer’s shoulder or Thrower’s shoulder, is caused by the tendons of the rotator cuff becoming impinged as they pass through the shoulder joint.

Common Myths

Softball Pitching Myth Busted! For years, we’ve heard that the windmill pitching motion is natural and safe for the body unlike the overhead throwing motion that baseball players use. More and more research studies are showing that the incidence of pitching injuries in softball is pretty much the same as in baseball. In fact, the studies are showing that the windmill pitching motion is very tough on the body.

Myth: During a lat pull-down, you should pull the bar behind your head and to your upper back.
Reality: “This can lead to shoulder impingement syndrome, a painful condition that injures muscles, tendons and the shoulder joint. Pull the bar in front of your head to the top of your chest.”

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) 2003 Survey of Injuries and Illnesses, in Texas, while back injuries are the most frequently reported on-the-job injury, shoulder injuries kept people out of work the longest—30 days compared to the back—12 days.

Published rates of the incidence and recurrence of shoulder pain are as high as 80% in competitive swimmers in the US.

In selected patients, chronic neck pain may be caused by shoulder impingement, which can be easily diagnosed with standard techniques. The difficulty in making this diagnosis is that the patient presents with neck pain rather than with the typical shoulder pain. The differential diagnosis of chronic lower neck pain should include shoulder impingement syndrome, which can be identified by classic physical and radiographic signs and can be treated with injection into the subacromial space and avoidance of the shoulder impingement position.

Conservative treatment (rest, ice packs, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and physical therapy) is usually sufficient. Some patients benefit from steroid injection, and a few require surgery.

Dos & Don'ts

TRY HARD TO STAY OUT OF STRESSFUL SITUATIONS! When your muscles tense up, your pain will increase! It’s a fact! A very sad fact, but a fact none the less!

I cannot stress how much you need to stretch in the morning as soon as your pain medication begins to work. Because if you don’t, when you don’t have any pain medicine, it will be harder to stretch the way you need to.

Don’t Wait To Go See a Doctor! I waited about 4 or so days before going to the doctor. THAT WAS TOO LONG! By then my right arm was basically useless, not to mention I was in such pain I was in tears. I was given some pain medication and it said take with food or milk.

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