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What is it? If your shoulder is wrenched upward and backward, you may dislocate it out of its socket. This condition is both painful and incapacitating. The force required is often that of a fall or a collision with another person or object (both of which can occur during many sports).

Common Myths

If you have dislocated your shoulder or another body part, a simple snap will not automatically put the joint back in place, regardless of what TV sitcoms suggest. Instead, ice the injury and seek emergency attention.

But even with physical therapy, for patients that are less than 25 years of age and are going back to high level sports, collision sports, contact sports, their chance of a recurrent dislocation is

The main symptom of a shoulder dislocation is severe pain at the shoulder joint.

The patient will have great difficulty moving your arm even a little bit.

If the shoulder is touched from the side, it feels mushy, as if the underlying bone is gone (usually the humeral head – top of the arm bone – is displaced below and toward the front).

Treatment may include medications to lessen pain. After a dislocation is confirmed by x-ray, many people require medicine to lessen pain and help relax the surrounding muscles during the reduction procedure (relocating the joint to its healthy alignment). The patient may require a mild sedative as well to allow the body to relax. Most people can have their dislocated shoulder relocated in the emergency department, but a few difficult cases require a general anesthetic in an operating room.

Dos & Don'ts

If a sling is not available, rig one by tying a long piece of cloth in a circle (a bed sheet or towel may do nicely). A pillow placed between the arm and body may also help support the injured shoulder. Because an empty stomach is best during treatment, the patient should not eat more than ice chips before being examined by a doctor.

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