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Contractures pain

Contractures Due to Post-Fracture Injury

Contracture is described as a stiff elbow joint – it won’t move all the way into flexion, extension, or both.

ligament tears pain

Ligament Tears

Ulnar collateral ligament reconstruction — is a surgical procedure that aims to repair ligaments in the elbow.

Bursitis pain

Elbow Bursitis

Congenital torticollis has been estimated to affect approximately two percent of newborn infants.

Golfers elbow pain

Golfer’s Elbow / Tennis Elbow

Tennis or Golfer’s elbow (lateral epicondylitis) is an overuse and muscle strain injury.

Radial fractures pain

Radial Fractures

Trying to break a fall by putting your hand out in front of you can break the elbow at the radial “head.”

Ulnar nerve surgery pain.

Ulnar Nerve Repositioning Surgery

Because of its superficial position at the elbow, the ulnar nerve it is often injured by excessive leaning on the elbow during work or while driving a car.

It’s Time for a Change

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Faster Rehabilitation Times

Elbow surgery rehab has come a long way in recent years. Did you know that as many as one million people will have elbow surgery this year alone? Our average elbow surgery rehab patient has 4 visits, compared to the national average of 12.

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Comprehensive Care

Our outstanding team of therapists will work with you to rehabilitate your after elbow surgery. With our Best Therapy Experience™, you can rest assured that we’ll be here for each step of the process, showing you what to expect at every turn.

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There can be many sources of elbow pain, and physical therapy is only one possible solution. To help you understand the best options for your health, we offer a free Elbow Pain Assessment. This can be a helpful tool as you and your loved ones learn more about the rehabilitation options for chronic elbow pain. Simply call to schedule a free Health Assessment to get started!

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