Common Causes of Shoulder Pain

Repetitive Stress

The shoulder blades are the foundation of the shoulder. If the muscles around the shoulder blades get weak, it will not take much to cause an injury when doing repetitive movements, especially overhead movements. Not taking the necessary breaks while making repetitive movements is one of the common causes of shoulder pain and can lead to added stress on the shoulder and cause painful injuries.

Improper Exercise

Make sure you strengthen your shoulder muscles to avoid injury. When most people exercise, they don’t think to do shoulder-specific exercises. They feel that they are strong because they do bench presses or squats. However, if they are not doing rotator cuff-specific exercises, then they are not properly strengthening the shoulder. Again, this is a common cause of should pain.  It is important to properly ice and control inflammation after strenuous activity. If not, the uncontrolled inflammation can weaken tendons and muscles, eventually making your shoulder vulnerable to injury.

If you are experiencing shoulder pain, a licensed physical therapist is trained to provide specific techniques to help reduce the pain and provide exercise to help prevent future shoulder pain. Common causes of shoulder pain are preventable but when shoulder pain occurs, it can be treatable.