Common Causes of Knee Pain

Weak Muscles

Common Causes of Knee Pain stem from not being active enough which can cause the quadriceps, hamstrings, and calves to get weak. When those muscles get weak, then the knee joint absorbs more force. These additional forces will cause negative stresses on the knee. As the joint stresses, it breaks down. This can be a cause of early arthritis. Also, there is more stress on the ligaments, which can cause tears.

Imbalanced Muscles

Another cause of pain is imbalanced muscles surrounding the knee. For example, the quadriceps could be overly strong and the hamstrings are not as strong. This will impose uneven forces to the knee due to the poor muscle balances, ultimately causing early joint break down. Just like if you had a car that was out of alignment, eventually something would wear down and break. Imbalanced muscles can be caused by a stagnant lifestyle, poor or lack of warm up/cool down sessions during exercise, poor rehabilitation after injury, and improper exercise.


Knee pain is common and can worsen over time if not properly addressed.  If knee pain is minor, a physical therapist can immediately address pain  and begin the recovery process.  A physical therapist not only can help in the recovery but can also prevent future injuries to the knee.   A licensed physical therapist can provide exercises and education to help strengthen the knee and its surrounding muscles.  If knee pain is severe and requires surgery, a physical therapy appointment is very beneficial BEFORE the surgery to evaluate your overall condition and determine your recovery expectations.  Working with a trained physical therapist will greatly benefit the recovery process.