Common Causes of Head and Neck Pain

Repetitive Stress

One of the common causes of head and neck pain is sitting for long periods of time in one position or keeping your head/neck in static position which can cause stress on the head & neck and make you vulnerable for injury, especially if you’re looking up or sideways for long periods of time. Improper ergonomics in the workplace can also cause unnecessary stress on your head and neck and make you vulnerable for injury.

The most common and overlooked cause of head and neck injury is having an improper bed and pillow. Most people spend 1/3 of their lives in bed. For long periods of time each day, people will put their heads and necks on a pillow that is NOT right for their necks and lay in a bed that offers little to no support for the spine. Sleeping in this improper position puts stress on their neck. They might not feel it at that moment, but eventually it causes wear and tear, making them more vulnerable to injury.

Poor Core Strength

The abdominal and low back together (core) are the foundation of your spine. Your head and neck are part of the spine, and if your core is not strong, then stress will travel up through the spine to your head and neck, making you vulnerable to injury.