Common Causes of Ankle and Foot Pain


Contrary to what most people believe, the common causes of ankle and foot pain come from imbalances in the low back, hip, or knee. As a result, excessive force is applied to the ankle and foot.


Excessive force applied to the ankle or foot can cause hairline or other fractures. There are a lot of bones, joints, and ligaments in the foot. So with excessive force trauma, such as motorcycle accidents and landing wrong from a jump, it is easy for those structures in the foot to get strained or fractured. It is common to see people breaking bones in the foot such as the tibia and fibula.

Improper Shoes

Another common cause of ankle and foot pain come from people not wearing the proper shoes for their feet. So over time there can be gradual wear and tear on the ankle and foot. A lot of shoes in our society are unhealthy, and wearing the wrong type of shoes can cause problems over time and increase the risk of spraining your ankle. Some women have problems in their toes because they wear shoes that are too small. They may get a blister once in a while and they’ll think they only need to get the blister better. What most do not realize is that wearing small shoes is changing the mechanics of their feet and causing wear and tear on the joints. If you are getting soreness in your feet, don’t brush it off and say “My feet are tired.” It may be causing undue stress to the ligaments and joints, which will cause pain and problems down the road.