Physical Therapy and Direct Access Purpose

Our licensed physical therapist, Stephen Costantino MSPT,  shares his views on the importance and need of physical therapy.

  • As an underutilized service, physical therapy helps from minor sprains to major orthopedic injuries.
  • Physical therapy is for all ages groups and activity levels-from young to old, from athlete to non-athlete
  • Physical therapy provides treatments to help you return to your function and activity level.

Since 2015, Massachusetts has had direct access physical therapy which is:

  • Patients can go directly to a physical therapist for an initial evaluation before  seeing a doctor first.
  • If physical therapy treatment is recommended, we will provide you and your physician documentation  requesting approval for additional visits to resolve your health issue.
  • If your insurance requires a referral, we will help coordinate all necessary documentation.

To learn more:

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