Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions-Here’s How!

Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions-Here’s How!

Having trouble keeping your New Year’s Resolutions?  No Problem.  Time to refocus and recommit-let us share how. Getting started can be the hardest part.

Deciding to get healthy in 2019 seemed like a great idea-in theory-especially since it seemed so far off and meant you could eat without guilt over the holidays.  However, now it’s mid-January, you haven’t been to the gym once, you’re still smoking and salads have lost their appeal.

Before you throw all hope away-start over but this time make it realistic!  Just Refocus and Recommit!!

One of the biggest problems with starting a resolution is including too much and expecting results too quickly.  So first, set a realistic goalGive yourself smaller milestones too.  Instead of deciding to lose 50 pounds-instead try, during the month of January cutting out sugars and snacking-plus exercising 3 times a week.  Then for February, increase the trips to the gym and cut back on carbs.  Giving yourself a transition month allows you to:

  • build up your stamina
  • decide what exercise program works best for you and your lifestyle
  • change your routine and
  • look into creative food options and recipes

By having  a transitional month, you can see and feel realistic changes which can motivate you to gradually accelerate- and therefore, change your behavior. Just make sure this transitional time pushes you-going for a walk and still having dessert is only setting yourself up for failure!

No matter what your goal is-getting out of debt, losing weight, quitting smoking-remember, it takes time.  Break it down by smaller periods and keep building on your previous month’s success.  The goal is to change your behavior as well as hit your target.

If you need help setting up a realistic exercise program, we can help!  Seeing a professional who can access your needs and design a program to meet your demands is a great way to help insure you achieve your goals. At Physical Therapy and Sports Rehab, our therapists can help you set realistic measures to help you reach your goal!  Call us at 781-769-2040 today and make 2019 a healthy one!!

For more helpful hints, the American Psychological Association has this great article: