Clinicient Empower Keynote Speaker, John Vacovec

Clinicient Empower Keynote Speaker, John Vacovec

What does it take to run a successful outpatient practice? How do physical therapists adjust to the never-ending healthcare changes and still balance exceptional care and staying in business? On September 23rd-25th, physical therapists from around the country gathered in Boston for a Clinicient Empower event to learn winning strategies to use now to thrive during this time of rapid change in healthcare.

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Some of the best minds in the physical therapy industry shared cutting-edge ideas, thought leadership and innovative tips and tools guaranteed to help therapists thrive and prosper today and in the future. This was an exceptional opportunity to network with industry leaders and other therapists, practice administrators and owners.

Topics included: Building lifelong relationships with clients, use of social media to connect and expand your professional reach, thriving independently during a paradigm shift in our industry,
taking advantage of new modes of treatment to care for patients and creating bulletproof documentation

With over 30 years of industry experience, our own John Vacovec was invited as keynote speaker. His expertise in outpatient physical therapy was critical in kicking off this event and setting the tone of what owners of private practices must address and embrace to face the future. As keynote speaker, John shared his proven concepts and methods for building lifetime relationships with clients by focusing on what patients truly value. The patient’s experience is key to clinical, financial and professional success. His session outlined The Best Therapy Experience® and provided physical therapists with proven methods for building strategic guidance, best practices, tips, tricks and the latest thought leadership to help practices grow and thrive professionally.