Carrie Rhodes, MSPT

Carrie Rhodes

Carrie Rhodes

Physical Therapist




Andrews University, Berrien Springs, MI

1994-M.S. in Physical Therapy


Hand and forearm therapy, spine and shoulder therapy, pain management and osteoporosis treatment strategies

Special Note

Graston Technique certified

What our clients had to say about Carrie Rhodes:

“I was very pleased with Carrie Rhodes. I found her to be professional, attentive to my problems and compassionate”

“John and Carrie were very kind and helpful to me in my recovery from my broken leg. I would recommend them to anybody in need of physical therapy. Thank you so much!”

“I would recommend Physical Therapy and Sports Rehab and therapist Carrie Rhodes without hesitation.  My rotator cuff and related injury feels significantly better after my course of physical therapy.  Carrie was smart and helpful and I appreciated that she explained my injury and treatment in depth so it all made sense to me.”

“Both John and Carrie were very professional and expressed honest and open concern for my injury/recovery and what my goals were.  The entire staff @ PT&SR are awesome and very friendly and accommodating.  All of the various PT methods, exercise and therapies used by both John and Carrie strengthened my knee faster and quicker than I expected…very impressed by my results!!!  There is no doubt that I would highly recommend PT &SR to any and all in need.”

“I was referred by my orthopedic surgeon after my severe foot injury and I didn’t know what to expect and I am eternally grateful for Carrie’s patience, knowledge, remarkable set of skills and persistence to get me where I am today. Thanks loads once again for everything.”